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Zeus Network Under Fire for Contract Breech

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Zeus Network Under Fire for Contract Breech

Unbothered Omarion Set to Sue for 200,000k

Omarion, former B2k artist is on track to a $200,000 lawsuit against Network owner Lemuel Plummer.

Zeus Network is under for contact breech against unbothered Omarion. Pre COVID-19 the concert was set to air live on their network. Allegations say that there have been multiple contract breeches including the non-sharing of subscriber data and monthly subscription fees.  In the lawsuit, it says that Omarion has suspicions that the network has altered some of this data to not pay him what he’s owed. These are amongst other things in the contract that haven’t been upheld as Omarion remains unbothered. As Omarion moves forward with his 200,000k lawsuit he has continued to give fans music.

As the documentary remains unaired, we are waiting on updates concerning the lawsuit in-between R&B star and Zeus Network.


Unbothered Omarion drops visual for “Can You Hear Me”

As unbothered Omarion navigates through his lawsuit with a fairly new network, Zeus, he wanted to tap in with his fans and community to bring good vibes. Between COVID-19 and police brutality, it’s hard to catch a break while on social media this year.

The song was released in early 2020 and was set to be performed at the millennial tour. With the concert dates being ruined by a crazy 2020, Omarion released rehearsal footage for this single. Just in, we see the official video with an opening quote, ” In these unprecedented times of COVID and social injustice I wanted to offer a reprise via spiritual nourishment through the unifying language of dance. Dance is Joy.

Members of the dance community put this visual together on their own and I am honored to present this as the official video of “Can you Hear Me”. This upbeat song is paired with young urban hip hop dancers in New York. The single has made it to radio in some major cities while being played throughout radio mixes and DJ sets across America.


Zeus Network Under Fire for Contract Breech
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#M12Empire by Mahvrick.