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Zendaya Wins First Ever Emmy Award!!

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Zendaya Wins First Ever Emmy Award!!

Zendaya Wins An Emmy!

Iconic actress and singer Zendaya won her first-ever Emmy for Best Lead Actress (in a Drama), which will go down in history! Sunday night, the Emmy primetime awards were done virtually because of the world-wide pandemic that is currently going on. With many deserving actors/actresses winning awards, Zendaya was one of the major people to win. She won for her major lead role as Rue, in HBO’s teen sitcom “Euphoria” and she’s the youngest actress to win in the category of Best Lead Actress. The actress received many congratulations from her fans and even some other celebs.

“She’s younger than Baby Yoda and she already has an Emmy,” Jimmy Kimmel says. Shocked by how young she is and how she already accomplished so much. Zendaya was so shocked, she wasn’t even expecting the award. “I just want to say that there is hope in the young people out there,” the actress says. “And I just want to say to all our peers out there doing the work in the streets: I see you, I admire you, I thank you.” She also talks about how others had always inspired her, by using their platforms to make a change.

Euphoria is a tv sitcom about high schoolers dealing with drugs, sex, and love, created by Sam Levison. The first episode premiered in the Summer of 2019 (mid-June). The story shows teenagers with different backgrounds figuring out life and navigating through it together. Euphoria airs on HBO. So much positivity surrounds Zendaya as she moves up in this world and achieves her goals.

Zendaya Wins First Ever Emmy Award!!
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