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Will Smith and Jay-Z Team Up For TV Show

Dirty South Hip Hop
Will Smith and Jay-Z Team Up For TV Show

New series on late Mamie Till Mobley and the fight for Civil rights


A new limited series about Emmit Till’s mother has just been picked up by ABC and it’s produced by Jay Z and Will Smith. The show is set to follow the mother of one of the most iconic stories that kicked off the civil rights movement. It will show how Till’s mom, Mamie took this tragedy and dedicated her life to it.

The conversation first arose about  5 years ago through HBO. Only here recently has their been confirmation of the series. The initial series was going to simply tell the tragic Emmett Till. Since ABC has picked it up a year ago, the story has developed to show African Americans women roll in the civil rights movement whiles showing how this pivotal point sparked a revolution.

ABC Welcomes African American Culture

Emmitt Till was a 14-year-old boy who was lynched in Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white girl in 1955. This was already a tie of unrest and clearly made it evident that blacks where at war, as we still are today. Till was up ducted, beaten, and left for dead in a river. His mother held an open casket for him so that everyone would be able to see how horrific events played out.

We are on the edge for when the series will be released, however, the community in the Dirty South is looking forward to seeing the role that black women played in such a moment in history. Emmitt Till’s story shook this movement into action.







Will Smith and Jay-Z Team Up For TV Show
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