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Tory Lanez Out of Hiding Releases ALBUM

Dirty South Hip Hop
Tory Lanez Out of Hiding Releases ALBUM

Tory disses “Megan the Stallion”

After hiding for months Tory breaks his silence dropping his album “DAYSTAR,” denying shooting rapper Megan the Stallion, and denying the incident that occurred while attending a pool party in Hollywood Hills.

Tory Lanez took jabs at the single “WAP” in the new lyrics of his latest album “DAYSTAR” released Thursday night. Megan the Stallion underwent surgery for the gunshot wound in July, according to Instagram post and medical records.

Tory had time for others

Artists react to Tory Lanez as he disses JR smith, Jojo, Asian Doll, Kehlani, Dream Doll, and more. In August Kehlani stated she took Tory Lanez off of her Deluxe album along with artist Jojo doing the same. JR Smith posted on Instagram Friday “Bust ya gun at a female you all types of clown” & “I got time today too! Bout to get real heated”.

Megan’s producer Lil Ju Made the Beat tweeted “Tory did shoot Megan and the bullets from Tory’s gun matched the bullets from Megan’s foot”.

Asian Doll goes live Friday referring to Tory Lanez as “midget.” She said, “You’re that threatened that your little midget a-s shoots somebody in the foot. Adding, “It’s f-k Tory Lanez ‘til the day he dies.”

We Stand with the Stallion!

As fans and celebrities react to the “DAYSTAR” album. People continue to stand behind Megan the Stallion while supporting her during this time.

Keke Palmer uploaded a post early Friday morning saying she supports Megan the Stalion . Stating “I don’t wanna talk about it or put myself into nothing but I just want to support Megan, Because imagine if somebody shot you, and they made an album gaslighting you, an album that the world thought, sonically, sounded good.”





Tory Lanez was initially arrested in July for having the concealed weapon. After Megan’s account went live, LA prosecutors were reviewing the case and considering adding assault charges.



Tory Lanez Out of Hiding Releases ALBUM
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