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TikTok Influencer Danielle Cohn is “Foolish”

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TikTok Influencer Danielle Cohn is “Foolish”

Did Danielle Cohn release a new song on TikTok?

Tiktok influencer Danielle Cohn was recently called out for claiming a song that isn’t hers. Danielle claims she came out with a new song “Foolish”. If you listen to the song, you will recognize it as a familiar song by R&B artist Ashanti. Danielle claims it was just a cover, but her caption on the TikTok video states otherwise.

Tiktok and Twitter Reactions

Many are having a big issue with this, because of how long the song has been around and the fact she is claiming it as her own.  The comments on the TikTok are users expressing their anger and telling the teenager to take it down or fix the mistake. Some of the comments state “Wtf u know this is not yo song”, “It’s the copying 99% of the words and calling it her song for me”, and “I’m sorry.. whos song??”.

There are also thousands of people making videos surrounding what Danielle calls her new song. Many telling her to take the song down, tagging her, and even some saying Ashanti should sue.

After all the drama went down Danielle finally addressed the situation. She again claimed it was a cover and her intentions weren’t what everyone is thinking. There are even angrier people of Twitter that are retweeting and criticizing the teen. Even more, were upset when they found out she was making a profit off of it with match and all. There are also some people that have her back and saying it was a misinterpretation and she never meant it that way. Danielle has now labeled it as a cover.


TikTok Influencer Danielle Cohn is “Foolish”
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