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Offset Helps Launch Virtual Concert Experience

Dirty South Hip Hop
Offset Helps Launch Virtual Concert Experience

Offset is teaming up with axis in attempting to bring back some normalcy for concert lovers. Covid-19 has pretty much ruined every live event our country has, and fans are suffering. The NBA has restarted, but with no fans, the same goes for the NFL. Fans are the essence of these events, so figuring out how to keep these events going without fans has been challenging, to say the least.

There are predictions that COVID guidelines could possibly be enforced until the end of 2021. So people are frantically trying to figure out how fans can enjoy the services they are used to. This is exactly what rapper Offset is doing. He has teamed up with Axis Replay to create a space for live and virtual streamed events. The service will aim to stream different forms of live events, that can be seen by millions across the country.

Offset took to his Instagram to announce his new partnership, and service. “This one is for the culture…. introuducing my brand new media/production platform in partnership with @AXISREPLAY, Axsd Media! A virtural experience for artist! Tonight we kick things off with @AXR.EXP new & emerging artist showcase….”

Shout to Offset and Axis media for creating something for not only the culture, but new artists as well. We’re all trying to figure out the best way to navigate through these times. Hopefully some new talent can get be discovered through the service, and hopefully we can wittness a few dope concerts, while we wait until it is safe for things to return to normal.

Offset Helps Launch Virtual Concert Experience
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