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Offset Focuses On New Venture For Artists And Fans

Dirty South Hip Hop
Offset Focuses On New Venture For Artists And Fans

Offset taps into the technology world

Rapper Offset is figuring out a smart but also a safe way for fams to connect with their favorite artists. The rapper is collaborating with the popular gaming/event company Axis Replay, which includes a prom that will be done virtually with comedian Desi Banks.

While the worldwide pandemic is progressing day by day, to remain safe unfortunately that means no more live shows and only live streams to substitute.

The online live streams are great and all, but Offset really cares about his fans so much that he wants to make this experience even better. His goal is to also show some support to the other artists, especially with knowing the importance of an artist’s relationship with their fans.


AXR+EXP Concert And More

On September 11th, the project started off on a positive note with the AXR+EXP concert.

“The AXR+EXP Concert Series will be the new standard for live and virtual performances,” Allie Young, the CEO of Axis Replay mentions. “Our company’s mission is to create experience-focused activations and that has translated well into streamed productions. Being a part of the music, entertainment, gaming, and sports ecosystem, it made a lot of sense for us to leverage our experience and expertise to reconnect the industries that have been devastated by this pandemic,” she continues.

Offset makes a few statements regarding his new idea, talking about it is important to live in the momenta R, regardless of the pandemic. “Fans and artists have been very patient during this long break,” the rapper says. “As we are all figuring out ways to get back into a normal way of life, we deserve to experience those great live moments we love,” Offset continues.

“Music is a universal language. It allows us to connect with one another on a happier level. Right now, we can all use that,” he also mentions.

Offset Focuses On New Venture For Artists And Fans
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