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NLE Choppa Is Switching To “Positive” Rap

Dirty South Hip Hop
NLE Choppa Is Switching To “Positive” Rap

NLE Choppa seems to have had a change of heart about his lyrical content. The Memphis rapper recently took to his Twitter to let everyone know of his growth as an artist. He stated he is only looking to address [positivity] in his music. When it comes to the subject matter of his music, he has no interest in the publicity of violence in his future music. On Saturday, the rapper told his Twitter followers that he’s not interested in giving them any more lyrics that were inspired by violence.

“Ion Rap Bout Violence Nomo. If You Hear It From Me It’s A Old Song I Wanna Spread Positivity And Wakes People Up,” Choppa tweeted. “I’ll Still Drop Them For Y’all Tho But Just Know I’m On To Better I’m Tryna grow I Got More To Talk about Now.” He accompanied this with a snippet of a song that demonstrates he can rap about content that doesn’t involve explicit violent actions.

Is NLE Choppa changing for good?

NLE Choppa is now making efforts to take a spiritual turn. Last week, the rapper inaugurated a new YouTube channel called “Awakened Choppa.” On this channel, Choppa puts his holistic lifestyle on a show for his viewers. This includes tending to his garden. “Who can’t switch it up? I can rap about more than murder. I’m speaking real from here on out I’m tryna help people through life imma tell you how to. Positive vibes only.”

Choppa has continued to spread positivity throughout his Twitter by promoting the burning of sage, happiness, and growing his garden. He was banned from Twitter recently, so he devoted more time to nature. “Yesterday twitter banned me for a day, so I put the energy I was using to inform y’all into my garden. I’m growing Melons, Watermelons, Cucumbers, squash, peppers, Cabbage, And Tomatoes For My Fall Harvest. Prepare for food shortages. I’ll never shut up for y’all, love y’all.”

NLE Choppa Is Switching To “Positive” Rap
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