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New Artist Alert : Ghoo Tha Inspiration

Dirty South Hip Hop
New Artist Alert : Ghoo Tha Inspiration

Inspired and Storming the Game with Inspiration

Not so new artist hailing all the way from Savannah has decided to step back on the scene in a major way with some dope inspiration. Ghoo tha Inspiration considers himself an artist who belongs to the gangster rap movement. The deep southern rapper gets his inspirations from rappers like Yo Gotti and Meek Mill. He is able to relate to their style of rap as well as their delivery.

Going hard for 18 Months, he is ready to get to work

In a recent interview with the season artist he said, “believe that I’ll just be really bringing back to the culture what’s missing a lot…… and that’s just simply the realness, and the rawness, of content.” With the new song he just dropped Realest Shit I Eva Wrote, the visuals show him in a raw and gritty environment explaining how life is as he lives it.



“People like him was me at one time to whateva extent”

Ghoo Tha Inspiration looks forward to learning about artist through his son. He believes that it will make all the difference in his career if he starts being on, ” Young N*gga Sh*t!”.  Ghoo knows that later or even sooner in his career he will ghostwrite for any artist because its apart of the game. As for him, he doesn’t want or hasn’t needed a ghostwriter for him to prosper.


DirtySouthHipHop looks forward to all he has to offer in this new era of “gangsta rap”

New Artist Alert : Ghoo Tha Inspiration
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