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New Artist Alert: China Monai

Dirty South Hip Hop
New Artist Alert: China Monai

China Monai is a new hot artist, hailing from Albany, Georiga. She has been writing music since high school and Ms. Monai is big on perfecting her craft while creating her own lane.

When asked how she plans on approaching the music game she responded by saying, “I’m going to come into the game with my diverse vibes. I know how to ride the wave, I’ll rather startup my own hurricane”. Ms.Monai has already worked with “Josh did that,” “Q the producer,” Draco, and “Eli the Blast.” She is a very diverse artist, and that was very telling when she broke down some of her favorite musical influences. Being from Georgia, there is no surprise she really looks up to Monica, she has also been influenced by artists such as Future, Drake, J.lo, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Gucci, and Beyonce. 

China Monai

Although Atlanta gets most of the attention when it comes to the music scene in Georiga, Ms. Monai says she is aiming to bring the great energy and vibes that Albany has to offer. She is looking forward to not only succeeding in the music business, but she is also looking forward to bringing out her different personalities that will be represented through her music. Ms.Monai seems to have all the right things figured out, as she gets ready for a successful musical journey. We’re wishing her nothing but success and positive energy moving forward.

Social Media accounts

Instagram: @iamchinamonai

Youtube: China Monai

Snapchat: @perfektdoll

New Artist Alert: China Monai
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