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Meek Mill Freestyles Over A Youtube Beat

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Meek Mill Freestyles Over A Youtube Beat

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Meek Mill took to Instagram to show some love to a Youtube producer. He released a clip, (1 minute 38 seconds long), where he showcased his talent over a beat that was available for anyone to use. Fans reacted to the freestyle with joy as he captioned it, “I smoke Youtube beats too!” and he did just that.

The beat, titled “Free Meek Mill x Kur Type Bear 2020 Vision” was released over 7 months ago from an account named “Othellobeats” and has reached nearly a million views and features howling vocals over a soft piano. Meek spits his bars while lounging on the couch in what seems to be an effortless take.

Fans swarmed the comment section of the original Youtube video notifying Othellobeats about his new claim to fame, but Meek has not disclosed how he found the beat in the first place.

Among the tweets Meek saw commenting on the freestyle, most of them were asking him to drop more music. It has been two years since his last studio release, “Championships,” in 2018 which landed him in some legal trouble. Apart from the occasional collaboration, fans have been starved of new music and are excited for almost anything from the multiplatinum-selling artist.

Meek has been busy with other pursuits, however, as he has been working on a breakthrough role for the film, Charm City Kings. He played the role of a leader of a dirt bike crew who finds an unlikely protege. The film has produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith and it is set to release on October the 8th on HBO Max.

Hopefully, 2021 will see the release of new Meek Mill music, but the artist has not hinted at any potential upcoming musical projects, so until then fans will have to wait for the debut of Charm City Kings to support Meek.

Meek Mill Freestyles Over A Youtube Beat
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