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Look Out for Mona Scott-Young’s New Projects

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Look Out for Mona Scott-Young’s New Projects

Mona Scott-Young, who also manages and owns Monami Productions is looking to expand her company by moving into scripting internationally with new upcoming projects in various stages of development. Mona’s upcoming projects include the collaborations of BLM Activist Tamika Mallory who will be working on the Aaron Hernandez’s wife Shayanna Jenkins’ story and Mona’s remake of classic South African drama Shaka Zulu.

Mona Scott-Young and Mallory are currently working on Aaron Hernandez’s wife Shayanna Jenkins’ story which is an unscripted project.

The story is going to be scripted to be told from Shayanna Jenkins’ perspective. “Everyone is familiar with Aaron and knows that horrific story of what happened with him, but for me, as a woman, I look at Shayanna, his significant other, the mother of his children, and I wonder what her life was like. Sleeping next to this man, her childhood sweetheart, and watching this change with him. How did that impact her and her family? That’s a very relatable perspective.” Mona said in her latest interview.

Monami Productions has also collaborated with New Vision to remake the classic drama series, Shaka Zulu.

The series aired in 1986 on South African public broadcaster SABC, which told the story of the king of the Zulu and the British traders he has connections with. She has made it clear that there is currently a network that is willing to air the new series, and they’re in the deal-making phase.

Scott-Young stated, “that is a brilliant classic and when you think about thematically what it represents, there are parallels with what we are experiencing now. It’s a strategic rebellion, right? Understanding that now is the time for people to take a stand about the things that are wrong, to not allow themselves to be victimized, that was what Shaka’s legacy was about. He was a masterful and strategic general.”


Look Out for Mona Scott-Young’s New Projects
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