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Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Rumors Of TDE Departure

Dirty South Hip Hop
Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Rumors Of TDE Departure

The rumors that Kendrick Lamar left TDE appear to be false.

Earlier this week, credible rumors began to spread that Kendrick Lamar was leaving TDE for a newly created label pgLang. However, in a new Instagram video, K Dot tells TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith that he needs to stand up for him.

“Top, you gotta stop them from smutting my name, man,” Kendrick says, using a stuffed animal of Blue from the children’s show Blue’s Clues as his messenger. “They been smutting my name all year, man. You ain’t said nothing. Enough is enough, man. Got ’em saying I done shook the label and all that. They must don’t know about that, that pickle juice that’s under your red cap, man. About that sweat, the sweat that’s holding that red cap together, reason why it don’t fall off your head, man. That lubricant. You need to tell them that the reason why that cap don’t fall off yo’ head, man. So why would I fall off? Watching cartoons, man.”

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a PSA from Kendrick Lamar. #TDE

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As Dirty South Hip Hop originally reported, the rumors alleged that Lamar was leaving TDE for a media outlet of his own creation called pgLang. They also claim that pgLang has already signed 2020 XXL Freshman Baby Keem, as well as R&B singer Jorja Smith, an artist named Reggie, and Murder District.

Following the original claims, TDE president Punch took to Twitter to say, “Smh can’t even try to be mysterious and vague in my tweets no more… A rumor gets halfway around the world before the truth get it’s (sic) shoes on. Lol.”

Lamar has so far released all of his albums with TDE including Good Kid M.A.A.D. CityTo Pimp A Butterfly and DAMN. TDE partnered with Dr. Dre’s Aftermath and their owner, Interscope Records, back in 2012.

If Kendrick Lamar and his label are to be believed over the leaker, there seems to be no bad blood between the label and rapper. Kendrick may just be starting a new label under the TDE imprint.

Still no word on when new music from the “DNA.” rapper is to be expected.

Kendrick Lamar Reacts To Rumors Of TDE Departure
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