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Kanye West Back On Twitter

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Kanye West Back On Twitter

Kanye West has been on a twitter tyrant for about a week now. Some tweets have been spot on, others have been random and hard to make sense of. He started out by demanding an apology from J. Cole and Drake. “I need a public apology from J Cole and Drake to start with immediately…. I’m Nat Turner… I’m fighting for us”.

Kanye never really expounded on what he meant with this tweet, or why he felt he was owed an apology from Cole and Drake. Later he tweeted “We need me J cole Drake Kendrick all in a room 2gthr … its time to get free… we will not argue amongst each other while somebody we don’t know in Europe is getting paid and putting that money in a hedge fund”. Cole, nor Drake ever responded; however, Drake did like Lil Boosie’s comment when Bossie was calling for Kanye to stop mentioning him.

Screenshot of Kanye’s tweet

In later tweets, Kanye began to call out the music industry. He is on a mission to own the masters to his music, and he wants all other music artists to do the same. Kanye also called out Forbes magazine by saying “If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist this is the editor of Forbes”. Kanye added a picture with the contact information of a Forbes editor.

Releasing this information is what caused Kanye to get banned from Twitter for 12 hours. According to Twitter, the official reason for the suspension was a violation of private information policy. As a means of standing up against the music industry, Kanye also posted a video of himself urinating on his Grammy.

After the 12-hour ban was up, Kanye returned to Twitter and tweeted “HA HA I got my Twitter back”. As we all know, Kanye has always been outspoken, so none of this comes as a surprise. All we can hope is that Kanye is keeping up with his mental health.

Kanye West Back On Twitter
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