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Jacob Blake’s Family gives update on his condition

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Jacob Blake’s Family gives update on his condition

Jacob Blake Family Speaks Out

The past 48 hours have been a whirlwind for Jacob Blake and his family. On Sunday evening, Blake was shot seven times in his back while attempting to enter his car. To make matters worse, Blakes’s three sons were in the car, so they witnessed the entire incident. The incident was captured on video and quickly went viral. It’s pretty clear the officers were shooting to kill; however, Jacob survived the attack.

The community was surprised when Jacob’s father took to Facebook on Sunday and updated everyone on his status. “My son is alive and stable,” Jacob Blake Sr. said on his Facebook. Early Monday, he did an interview with more updates on his son’s medical conditions. According to Jacob’s attorney “the bullets pierced his abdomen, shattered some of his vertebrates and severed his spinal cord”. Benjamin Crump, Jacob’s attorney, said Jacob might be paralyzed in a statement saying, “it’s going to take a miracle for Jacob Blaker Jr. to ever walk again”.

Blakes’s mother also spoke earlier today. “My son has been fighting for his life and we just really need prayers”. She went on to say “As I was riding through here, through the city, I noticed a lot of damage. That doesn’t reflect my son or my family.”.

As of today, no charges have been filed on the officers that attempted to murder Blake. Hopefully, this family gets the justice they deserve. The DirtySouthHipHop family prays that Jacob continues to make a speedy recovery.

Jacob Blake’s Family gives update on his condition
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