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Hip-Hop Community Promotes 2020 Election

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Hip-Hop Community Promotes 2020 Election

Election Day is right around the corner and the hip-hop community is making efforts to raise awareness about suppression. The election also happens to be on November 3rd. The hip-hop Political Education Summit will launch on September 22nd, which is also the same day as National Voter Registration Day. Black Voters Matter and Hip-Hop Week MKE will be collaborating together and the event will be featuring well-known rap artists as well as other activists. Here at this event they will speak on all things that oppress the POC community and will discuss how to make their voices heard.

Big Idols help the POC get their voices heard for the 2020 election

The event will have special guests such as Dr. Cornel West (Harvard), U.S. Senator Cory Booker (NJ), Chuck D, DJ Envy, Cordae, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Soledad O’Brien, Latosha Brown (co-founder of Black Voters Matter), Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Melanie Campbell (National Coalition of Black Civic Participation), and Congressman Andre Carson (IN). Hollywood stars and athletes such as LeBron James and Kevin Hart have also joined the fight to stop oppression against people of color.

LaTosha Brown stated, “From foreign election interference in 2016 to long lines at voting polls during the primary election in Georgia, Kentucky, Wisconsin, and New York this year, it is already apparent that forces are at work to steal this election.” She is also known for being the co-founder of the Black Voters Matter community.

Voter Suppression is real and here’s how:

Throughout 2016 to 2018, states across the country plummeted down over 17 million people from voting rolls, claims Brennan Center for Justice. A huge toll of 200,000 eligible voters were inappropriately removed from voting rolls in Georgia.


“We at the Hip-Hop Political Education Summit envision a day when the Hip-Hop community can wield its influence to determine national public policy affecting Black, Brown, and poor Americans. What’s essential at this hour is to sound the alarm about the short distance between stealing votes and denying human rights, ” co-founder of the event Dave Mays states

Hip-Hop Community Promotes 2020 Election
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