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Drake Sends Major Love To Lil Wayne For 38th Birthday

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Drake Sends Major Love To Lil Wayne For 38th Birthday

Drake shared a photo collage with pictures of him and Lil Wayne over Instagram.

Drake took to Instagram to celebrate the 38th birthday of his former mentor, Lil Wayne, sharing a photo collection of the two. Most of the images are screenshots from the “HYFR” video, their joint 2014 tour, and a shot of Drake impersonating Weezy on SNL.

“More life to the man that gave me everything I have!!!” Drake said in the caption. “My GOAT ? and not just on some emoji shit. Sometimes I wanna drop a tear but no emotions from a king…shall be…so I be…who I be…that’s me…that’s Weezy F Baby and please say the mothafuckin…”

The end of the caption quotes Wayne’s song “Hustler Musik” off Tha Carter II.

Chance The Rapper also sent Weezy some birthday wishes over Twitter. “You were the first mixtape I heard,” the “Holy” rapper said. “You got me my first grammy. You got me my first number 1. From childhood through fatherhood, always been there for me. Happy Bday to the greatest.”

Chance also started a thread sharing some of his favorite Weezy bars.

Drake notably absent from Tha Carter 5 re-release.

Last week Lil Wayne announced that he would release the “original” Carter 5 to the public. While a new deluxe version of the album did arrive, it only included seven new songs––none of which featured Drake.

The two almost certainly would have had a collaboration on the original album, which if released in 2014 as intended, would have followed a joint tour between the two and lead single “Believe Me.”

Cortez Bryant, who previously managed both rappers, recently confirmed that there have been talks of a second joint tour. “It was a fun tour. We had fun every night,” he told Brian “B.Dot” Miller for his Art of Facts show. “It was at a time when Drake had arrived as an artist. From seeing him from the inception as a superstar himself and mentor and mentee just going on the stage, having fun, talking a little shit during the whole time … And they talked about [doing a second run]. I think we do need to do it again.”


Drake Sends Major Love To Lil Wayne For 38th Birthday
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