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DaBaby’s Six Year Old Son, Big Caleb, Featured In New DaBaby Video

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DaBaby’s Six Year Old Son, Big Caleb, Featured In New DaBaby Video

DaBaby just released a new video for his song, “Practice,” with an outro from his son Big Caleb.

DaBaby is one of the biggest rappers on the planet right now, and his six year old son, Big Caleb, may already be on the way to follow in his father’s footsteps.

The newly released video for DaBaby’s song “Practice,” features the Charlotte rapper and his entourage dancing to the sparsely produced song amongst mountain bikes, sports cars, a human-sized bobble head and a lot of money. Overall ––typical DaBaby video. But, towards the end of the video, one of the year’s best musical switchups occurs.

After revealing that the video was made in honor of DaBaby’s son sixth birthday, his son starts rapping over a whole new beat.

“What’s up? It’s Caleb. XBox One, I’m turnt up, I’m playing,” Big Caleb raps, doing his best Tay-K impression. “My baby sister crying. These other kids be lying. I’m bout to go to school, my mama woke me up, I’m tired.”

Based on the video clips in the video, Big Caleb has already performed with his dad in front of huge crowds, and apparently has some beef with the aforementioned human-sized bobble head.

Check out Caleb’s verse below. The embedded video should skip the entire DaBaby song, and start with Big Caleb, once you hit play.

Gunfire erupts near video shoot for “Practice.”

Shooting was allegedly heard, during Saturday’s (Oct. 4) filming of the new video for “Practice.” According to TMZ, the production was shut down due to safety concerns.

In an Instagram post DaBaby said “wasn’t there for the ‘shootout’ I’m hearing bout. I do got a new video on the way tho.”

His lawyers also commented saying that while the shooting was nearby the video filming it was entirely unrelated. The lawyers also add that DaBaby “sends his heartfelt prayers to anyone injured or otherwise adversely affected as a result of this shooting incident.”


DaBaby’s Six Year Old Son, Big Caleb, Featured In New DaBaby Video
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