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Congratulations to Apple for Reaching a $2 Trillion Market Cap!

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Congratulations to Apple for Reaching a $2 Trillion Market Cap!

Apple just reached a $2 trillion market cap in stocks. Apple has become the first-ever company in the United States that has reached this number. Sources from CNBC said that Apple reached this amazing value on Wednesday, August 19th, this had doubled in just over 2 years to become the first-ever publicly traded U.S company to reach their amazing milestone.

According to Apple’s share counts, it has a worth of more than $4.275 billion dollars. Apple reached this milestone before 11 a.m. when its prices rose to $467.77. Even with this high mark, Apple fell below the day after, and shares closed at $463.83. At the same time, it gave them a market cap of $1.98 trillion dollars.



When’s the Release Date of the iPhone 12?


Even though Apple has delayed the release of the iPhone 12 the company may have just leaked a surprising new release date. According to tech YouTubers, the release date for the brand new iPhone 12 is the same date as the iPhone 11 launch last year, and it so far fits well with the other previous iPhone launch dates: Sept 12 (iPhone XS, X), Sept 7 (iPhone 7), Sept 9 (iPhone 6S, 6).



Despite this coincident, there have been some attempts to shoot this idea down. Jon Prosser dismissed it, which is to be expected since he promised a much later date. Even though this has been announced most doubts come down to two false assumptions.


Rumors About Apple’s iPhone 12:


First, there was a popular claim that Apple never held an event on Thursday. This isn’t true. Apple has held Q3 hardware launch events on a Thursday in 2010, 2014, and 2016. There’s also a myth that iPhones only launch on a Tuesday when two of the last four iPhone launches (iPhone XS, 7) occurred on a Wednesday.



Apple states, they are going for the new 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch display sizes, a massive performance upgrade, stylish new design, clever camera tech, competitive pricing, and 5G. Going against them are small battery sizes, another big notch, and falling another year behind rival display tech. Maybe the hold off on the iPhone 12 is just a stall to make the phone more popular.

Congratulations to Apple for Reaching a $2 Trillion Market Cap!
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