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Common Starting Youtube Show on Wellness

Dirty South Hip Hop
Common Starting Youtube Show on Wellness

 focus on Wellness

Rapper/actor Common will be starting a youtube channel that focuses on health and wellness. Like most of us, he found himself searching for things to do during the pandemic. He began going live every day to exercise, most days he would have someone go live with him and exercise.

Wellness and mental health are something that common has promoted for most of his career. Common came into the rap game as a conscious rapper, in an era when conscious rappers weren’t getting the most love. He even held his own in a rap battle against Ice Cube; who was regarded as one of the best rappers in the game at the time.


Plant to Action

Common has always concerned himself with important matters of the Black community. When talking about his new show common said “Peace y’all! I want to introduce you to my new show, Com+Well which is a health and wellness series that will look at a holistic approach to the state of being healthy,”. He went on to say “I believe deeply that the more at peace you are with yourself, the more love and compassion you are able to put out into the world; Now more than ever the world needs love and mindfulness towards one another. The Black community needs love, the brown community needs love. Really, we all need it. I created Com&Well to share the self-care knowledge and tools I’ve had access to and live by with my community.”

Common is putting forth action to ensure the community gets the healing it needs. Hopefully, his channel is helpful to many.

Common Starting Youtube Show on Wellness
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