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Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors Game 3 Recap

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Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors Game 3 Recap

2020 NBA Playoffs continue with Game 3: Brooklyn Nets and the defending Champion Toronto Raptors.

117-92 Toronto.

When news broke Wednesday that Brooklyn Nets’ Joe Harris would be leaving the NBA bubble in Orlando for “personal reasons”, the tone of the game was set. Forty-eight hours later not only has no further information surfaced, but his team is now down 3-0 in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Right about now is when the age-old cliche “no one has come back from a 3-0 deficient in NBA history” would ring off.

How it all happened.

The Brooklyn Nets were stomped out by the Raptors, led by the continued heroics of Raptor shooting guard Fred VanVleet. The first possession of the game saw VanVleet, nail a contested three-pointer. From then on a similar pattern would play out. The Raptors would score at will (especially from three-point range) and the Nets would limp after the defending champs down anywhere from 10 to 15+ rarely coming any closer than that.

Brooklyn, while not set to make any major postseason noise, had just come off an impressive run of games in the 8 regular season bubble games prior to this series. Most figured the underdog squad of ballers would make the series competitive, but no such signs have been seen from the Nets. The Nets are without multiple starters and regular rotation pieces such as Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Wilson Chandler, D’Andre Jordan, and others due to either major injury or COVID-19.

Toronto on the other hand has shown that the loss of NBA Superstar Kawhi Leonard and veteran Danny Green hasn’t affected the winning culture. The Raptors are coming off their 2019 NBA Championship beating the Golden State Warriors. Along with the previously mentioned Fred VanVleet, Kyle Lowry had a solid game as well as forward Serge Ibaka.

All signs are pointing towards a Toronto sweep, but here’s to Brooklyn at least putting up a fight in game 4.

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Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors Game 3 Recap
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