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Bobby Shmurda Plans For Youth When Released

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Bobby Shmurda Plans For Youth When Released

Bobby Shmurda plans to mentor youth when released from prison.

Recently the news broke out that rapper Bobby Shmurda was rejected for parole.

Even though denied parole, Bobby also has many detailed plans for the future. He plans to create a mentorship program for the youth in his community. While in prison, Bobby is more excited than ever to get back to his career as soon as he gets out, reported TMZ on hearing transcripts.

Bobby Shmurda making changes while in prison

The rapper has changed a lot through the process, he talks about his life as a kid on the transcripts. He talks about how he was more of a follower because he had always worried about what his peers thought about him. He thought others would think poorly of him if he did not fight or get in trouble. But now he says he is no longer a follower, he is now a leader.

Bobby On Parole Board

While in front of the parole board, Bobby expressed his feelings and his future plans. He told them he wants to get his G.E.D, continue his career, and help other youths who were troubled like him as a child.

He then spoke about how he has grown since being incarcerated. Unfortunately, the board did not believe him and denied his parole. The rapper is in jail because of multiple violations such as the possession of drugs and fighting. He is being held until further notice.

Bobby Shmurda Plans For Youth When Released
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