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Asian Doll Apologies for Election Remark

Dirty South Hip Hop
Asian Doll Apologies for Election Remark

Asian Da Brat recently became the prime example of the latest social media x election drama. The election is just around the corner, and people are ready to have their voices heard. Thanks to organizations such as When We All Vote, many teens/young adults have been informed about politics and are pushed to voting for this year’s election.

Some people are also sending out unsolicited political opinions on social media that should’ve never ended up in the public eye such as Asian Da Brat’s perspective of the election.

On Monday, Asian went onto twitter and tweeted that she rather place her vote for President Donald Trump than Vice President Joe Biden.

She continued to refer to Biden as “that other dude.” She went on to claim that she’s on Trump’s side because his financial policies would benefit her.


“I fuck with the n**ga Trump because the n**ga giving out a lot of money right now,” she said in her last Instagram Live.

Fans of the influencer were quick to have their say on what was going through Asian Da Brat’s mind. They took to social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and berated Asian Da Brat for not seeing “the serious side” of the election.

What did the fans really have to say about her political choices?

“Not surprised Asian doll fw Trump lol. She’s a dark-skinned black woman who calls herself Asian. Then her defense on live just now was when I was little I used to call myself Mexican cause I liked Mexican food”

“Wait Asian Doll was serious and the tweet was real than ppl they living better with trump here because she sees everybody posting chains and money.”

Asian Doll Apologies for Election Remark
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