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Anderson .Paak Takes Over Fortnite

Dirty South Hip Hop
Anderson .Paak Takes Over Fortnite

Anderson .Paak is being welcomed into the world of gaming from the multiplayer game Fortnite in a virtual concert. In April, Travis Scott’s record-breaking performance left fans speechless. The date has been secured for Paak to do a performance in the prominent video game’s Spotlight concert series. The event is being held tomorrow night along with @freenationals.

Anderson .Paak will perform at Epic Games’ Party Royale Spotlight soundstage in Los Angeles. Fortnite players can watch his live set in the game’s Party Royale space at 5 p.m. on Saturday, September 19. Paak’s Fortnite performance will replay at 11 p.m. on Saturday and 1 p.m. on Sunday.

The following directions will lead you to the concert in Fortnite:

  • From the Lobby screen, press the “Change” box located in the bottom-right corner.
  • Modes will appear on-screen. Select the “Party Royale” mode tile then press “Accept.”
  • After pressing “Accept,” you’ll return to the Lobby screen. Just press “Play” to start!
  • Head to the Main Stage and wait for the event to start. Use the map button while in Party Royale to see where you are and the location of the Main Stage.

Anderson .Paak’s “Lockdown” video left people speechless.

Anderson.Paak’s “Lockdown” video opens with .Paak and a group of friends, including Jay Rock, Syd, SiR, and Andra Day, sitting down at a diner table with their masks pulled down as they return from a protest. Their laughter scatters into silence as the seriousness of their experience sets in. “Who said it was a lockdown goddamned lied,” .Paak sang over the song’s melody while arguing that fires started by “secret agents”, rubber bullets deployed by riot police, and COVID-19 can silence these protests.

Gory images such as blood running down from an open wound on.Paak’s forehead as he features the number of issues we’re facing at once. Activities such as police brutality, civil unrest, widespread unemployment, and the pandemic disproportionately claiming the lives of minorities.


Anderson .Paak Takes Over Fortnite
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